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Privacy Policy’s Privacy Policy

We have always been committed to serving you better. In keeping with that spirit, we have come up with a very strict privacy policy, so you need not worry about your personal information being leaked or shared without your permission. We understand your concern about keeping your personal and bank information secure, which is why the privacy policy entails the following:

⇒ Payments are entirely handled by Secure Payment such as Credit/Debit cards, and we do not possess or keep records of your financial information.

⇒ Every detail you provide us is kept completely confidential and within the company.

⇒ We never share your personal information without third-party companies.

We reserve the right to use the details you provide us when filling out your order form for the following-

  •  To charge for your Document and collect the payment
  • To moderate your communications with us through our website
  • To resolve any disputes that arise
  • To prevent or stop potentially illegal activities that violate the law or our terms of use
  • To help in the analysis, improvement and customization of our services

⇒  Even though we do not share your personal information under any circumstances, we still hold the right to disclose the information you provide us with as and when the law demands. In such circumstances, disclosure is vital to protect our rights and our duty to comply with court orders, judicial proceedings and legal processes that concern our business.

⇒ We also reserve the right to change or modify our privacy policy as and when required. Hence, it will be in your best interests to review our privacy policy from time to time. If any modifications to our privacy policy take place, they will be listed here, and your use of our services will serve as your agreement to the changes thus made.

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