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Joseph Curtis - Master of Business in Supply Chain Management

Professional Profile

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  • Malaysia


Good understanding Financial Markets, Marketing Business Management, Financial and HR in both the private and public sectors and of Cold supply chain subjects.

Professional Experience:

Currently, I am working as a warehouse manager in Michael Page Procurement & Supply Chain. I have to manage a team of 10 - 12 and I am responsible for the effective flow of raw material. I have to implement quality assurance methodologies which will ensure that rigorous customer support service targets must be met. Also, I have to communicate across various business units and influence stakeholders. I have to ensure that the overall performance of your business area maintains to strive towards supply chain best practice.

Professional Skills:

Proficiency in English, Spanish and German, Good communication skills, Broad MRP/ ERP exposure, a deep understanding of RSM RF scanning technology, good knowledge of computer applications like MS word, MS excel, outlook and the internet.

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