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Communication – Essay Assignment Help Solutions

Communication Essay Assignment Topic


Assignment Details:-

  • Subject: Communications
  • Number of Words: 2500
  • Citation/Referencing Style: Harvard




Use communication, so people in work in your workplace or in a team you know about so you can say “like this was a memo from x to x, this is a communication from this team and that team, this was a negotiation between the two teams”. So you can set the scene first and then highlight how can we apply any of the theories to what happened there. You are looking back and saying what was the outcome like and saying it could have been different in different ways.

The analysis is to apply the models and theories and concepts critically. Say where it was and did it work out?


Essay Structure

Introduction to the situation (500 words)

  • SUMMARISE what you will be saying. “This paper will cover the following subject areas and will argue xyz….”
  • Mention the negative side of the situation such as it created an issue, it was complicated, long, and the technique was wrong. etc
  • Have a structure and headings.
  • Use paragraphs!
  • Put your name on your paper!!


Context and Evaluation of what happened (1500 words)

  • Give the CONTEXT of what happened, what was it about, describe it with analysis
  • RELATE the relevant THEORIES and models from the module to help you to describe what was going on in the team(s) you have chosen to discuss, Then CRITICALLY EVALUATE the team and the model itself: – “The Belbin or Tuckman model is helpful here in terms of abc but incomplete in terms of xyz”. The team worked well in abc way but poorly in xyz way”. Use EVIDENCE to support your views – what actually
  • The diagram or table below on negotiation stages can help you in the analysis; of what happened in each stage; what happened in reality; and what could be different. You can use a diagram or chart or table to discuss the analysis.


Stages of Negotiation Process Reality

(What Happened)

What Could Improve
1 –  Prepare

·          Collect key information

·          Prep questions you need to ask

·          Prep your answers

·          Identify and prioritize negotiable issues

·          Set a negotiating range

·          Establish the best alternatives

This is what happened, this is what was done… APPLY SOME OF THE MODELS LEARNED such as

·          Tuckman’s theory of team development

·          Belbin’s team analysis for roles

·          Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) model

·          Motivational Theory (Daniel Pink – Autonomy Mastery and Purpose)

·          Emotional Development in Leadership (Emotional Intelligence)

2 – Lay the Foundation

•           Building the relationship

•           Meeting People

•           What are they looking for and what they are after?

•           Rapport, through ‘pacing and mirroring’ a key skill

•           Analysing, previous outcomes, alternatives, pressure points

•           Questioning, for purpose, open and closed are both used

•           Listening- crucial skill

•           Discussing, Summarising

•           Reviewing your plan take a time out if needed

3 – Build

•           Your and their opening position

•           Sounding out, options, listen!!

•           Pause

•           Appropriate response

•           Towards agreement, or need more discussions

4 – Conclude

•           What was the end result

•           What’s the outcome of negotiation


Conclusion (500 words)

  • Use SELF REFLECTION. Recommendations and self-reflection. (don’t put anything in the conclusion that is not talked about in points 1 and 2).
  • Self-Reflections such as I now realize this, I need to understand this, I disagree with this.
  • What have you learned about your own team operating style?
  • What are the first steps of a development plan to build on strengths and address development needs? Be specific about what you will actually do!
  • NOTE: This section is not about writing a conclusion of what was the outcome of the negotiation. But more of what have you seen as a result of your example situation? What would you recommend?



  • No more than 10


Important Notes:

  • Find an example of communication or negotiation in press or media or personally or at the company and what is our view of that; was wrong; or true, and apply the theories.
  • What happens in the negotiation; pick up any business issues; how did the negotiation go well? which went well and what went bad
  • You should say how the models were applied critically i.e., were they applied well or badly?
  • When you talk about the outcome, say Outcome is, but this could be improved to…
  • Provide more depth in the essay when discussing the model. Mention why; how; what;
  • Apply 3 or 4 theories maximum. What is our opinion of the theory? What other things needed for development?
  • Use the CORRECT CITATION whenever you use a model or reference


Assessment Marks Criteria

  • Structure and flow to the paper
  • Relevant models and theories used
  • Quality of analysis – strengths, and weaknesses of the communication or team, and critical evaluation of relevant theory
  • Individual self-reflection –what you have learned about yourself: personal strengths and development needs


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